Patient Loyalty and the Commoditization of Dentistry

The commoditization of dentistry, or patients ‘shopping’ for dental services based on price , is a topic that is debated by dentists in Canada. 1 The oversupply of dentists in Canada is cited as one of the reasons for the shift towards commoditization by Ontario-based Orthodontist, Dr. Mark Eckler, DDS, Dip. Ortho, MSD2. Dr. Eckler completed his thesis research on patient communication and has spoken about the concept of the commoditization of dentistry as well as its relationship to patient loyalty on CDA Oasis Discussions and at the 2016 ODA ASM.

In the video below, Dr. Eckler explains the “Loyalty Factor” and how dentists can employ it in their daily practise with new and existing patients. He also provides examples of how the “Loyalty Factor” contributes to effective patient communication at his dental practice.




1Oral Health Group: The Perceived Issue of Oversupply of Dentists

2CDA Oasis Discussions: Building Value with Customer Service: The Loyalty Factor